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Home Use Convenience Study

"I'm pregnant and I am leaking liquid. Did I break my water prematurely? Am I leaking urine? What is going on?"

These are common questions doctors get asked every day from their pregnant patients.

To help diagnose this common and worrisome issue, we have created a special pad (ROM Pad) that you can use at home to see if you really broke your water.

Mor Fertility, in collaboration with Laborie and Yale University, has developed a reliable self-test to evaluate leakage of amniotic fluid at home.

Please watch the video below demonstrating how the ROM Pad works:

Currently, the ROM Pad has been patented and our goal is to bring this product to the market so we can help millions of pregnant patients and doctors around the world!

To do so, we ask for your support by participating in our study.

As part of the study, we are looking for your feedback on the comfort and ease of use in order to help us design the perfect pads for pregnant patients.

Here are the steps to participate:

Provide us with your contact details such as your name, date of birth and address.

Fill out the online consent form.

Purchase the ROM Pad for $10/pad (shipping fees, domestically and internationally, are not included).

Wear the ROM Pad when you suspect that you broke your water.

After using the ROM Pad, send us a picture of the pad with the results and fill out the patient experience survey.

For every ROM Pad you use, you will receive $5 back after you send us a picture (of the result shown on the pad) and fill out the patient experience survey.

We are so excited to have you participate!

If you wish to participate in our global ROM Pad convenience of use study, please click the link at the top.